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What is Astrology?


Ashwani Handa is a famous astrologer with 25+ years of experience in astrology under the Guru-disciple tradition. He is in the limelight right now because of the amazing work done in astrology. People from different religions come from all over the world to seek astrological advice from them. People are surprised by the precise prediction they make. He has long and distinct experience of astrological diagnosis with people belonging to all sections of society. Those who come to him include senior civil and military officials, politicians, leading bankers, TV and film actors, business people and common people. He is a worshiper of Lord Shiva and spends a lot of time worshiping Mahadev and meditating on him daily. When he is studying a horoscope, he feels as if Mahadev is coming to his ears and saying something slowly. He associates the voice of Lord Shiva with the position of the planets in the horoscope, which is why his prediction and his stated measures are so accurate that everyone comes to him with full faith.

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