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When Saturn is situated in transit in the Dwadash, Moon ascendant and in the 2nd house, then it is called ‘Sadesati’ or ‘Long Kalyani’ of Shani. Saturn stays in a zodiac for two and a half years. Thus, the entire duration of ‘Sadesati’ is considered to be seven and a half years. Generally, half-and-half is considered inauspicious and annoying, but this is a misconception. Seeing the position of Saturn in the horoscope, it should be said that the fruit of Saturn’s Sadesati.


Similarly, when Saturn is situated in the fourth and eighth house from the natal zodiac in transit, it is called ‘Dhaiyya’ or ‘Small Kalyani’ of Shani. Its duration is two and a half years. Its fruit is also according to the half-century.

Saturn’s middle and descending “Sadesati”

Many mindless astrologers do not believe in the power of planets nor do they understand the importance of half-century. When Saturn looks like half-century, then it does not leave anyone, whether it is a king or a rake. If neither Raja Nal, Raja Harishchandra and Ravan are saved, then what is the situation of common man?

When Saturn is in the zodiac sign of Mars, Aries is visible from the low or these planets, then it definitely shows its side effects. It is also said that the curved vision of Saturn ruins the one on which it falls. The sentiment which Saturn looks at gives fruit like this. Saturn will behave in a friendly manner, it will behave friendly, and it will give the same effect. When Saturn has high or clear vision, it will give good results. Saturn is the owner of Karma and luck in Taurus Lagna. Therefore, Sadesati, these fruits have good or bad effects related to these expressions. In this Lagna, Sadesati on the Virgo zodiac sign will take place when Saturn is on the Leo sign. Saturn is the enemy of the Sun, while Saturn has been considered in the Sun’s son scriptures, yet it will cause trouble or death to the mother by looking at the enemy on the fourth house, disrupting family happiness as well as causing obstacles in politics. Will give house-related problems. Will also be a hindrance in property matters.

If there is such a problem, then they should not drink milk at night. Add the seeds to the fish. Due to Saturn’s high vision falling on the best house, the enemy side will be affected. With the seventh sight of Saturn falling on karma, there will be growth in the field of work, growth in business. Benefit from father, success in governance, Saturn’s tenth friend falling on the ascendant, increase in influence, luck.

The middle half of Saturn will begin with the arrival of Saturn on Virgo. By being in the Bhagyesh and Karmesh V triangles, children gain, progress in learning, success in the field of entertainment. But the wife or husband suffers due to falling on the third enemy of the third enemy. Interruptions in daily business delay marriages.

If inauspicious results are found then do these measures – Do not build houses before the age of 48 years. Offer almonds in the temple and bring half of them back to the house. Do not distribute sweets on the birthday of the son. Raise a dog. Flow the black antimony into the running water. Inauspicious effects will be reduced in this way.

Saturn’s seventh visible sight at the eleventh house, even if there is equal vision, there will be a mixed situation in the field of profit. Saturn’s tenth friend eyesight falls on the second house, saving money, supporting family, benefiting from speech.

The last descending of Saturn will take place by coming to the seventh house of Saturn. At this time, the enemy perishes, the victory in the court, cooperation with the maternal uncle, if the debt comes down. Must be destined to deliver the bus. From here on the third aspect of the Saturn, the age of the house falls on the eighth, increases in age, secret wealth, fame gains. Due to low vision on Saturn’s seventh house, external relations deteriorate and there is difficulty in traveling.

If this is the case then do these measures – Close the mustard oil in an earthen pot or glass vial and press it into the pond water. This remedy done at night will be beneficial. Saturn’s tenth visible vision falls on the third house, and there is mixed cooperation with the brother. Enemy perish increases in power.

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