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Astrology Yoga for entry and success in politics

Like other professions and careers, astrology yoga is done in the horoscope of those who enter politics. A unique combination of planets is seen in the horoscope of people who are successful in politics,

  • Essential expressions: Sixth, seventh, tenth and eleventh house
    Rahu’s relation is seen in the horoscope of successful politicians from the sixth, seventh, tenth and eleventh house. The tenth house of the horoscope is called the house of politics. To participate in power, the planet of the higher one must be sitting in the tenth or tenth house. And in Guru Navam, the situation should have an inauspicious effect. Or the person gets success in politics when the tenth house or tenth house is related to the seventh house. The sixth house is called the house of service. In order to have a sense of service in a person, the tenth/tenth should be related to this house. The seventh house is the tenth from the tenth, so it is seen especially.
  • Essential planets: Rahu, Saturn, Sun and Mars
    Rahu has been given the status of a planetary factor in all the planets. Its effect should be from the house of politics. Sun has also been given the title of the planetary planet. If the Sun is situated in the tenth house in a swarashi or high zodiac sign and if it is related to Rahu’s sixth house, tenth house, and eleventh house, then it creates the possibility of success in politics. In this yoga, due to the influence of the owner of the second house, a person becomes a good speaker. If Shani is in the tenth house or is related to the tenth house and if Mars is also in this tenth house, then the person comes into politics to work for the interests of the people of the society. Here Saturn is friendly to the people and Mars is giving leadership qualities to the person. The relationship of both is giving the person the qualities to become a politician.
  • Unnatural: Rahu / Surya
    A person is likely to get success in the field of politics if he is interested due to Rahu or Surya. With the influence of Rahu, the person has the ability to formulate policies and implement them. It is by the influence of Rahu that the person has the ability to talk according to the situation. The Sun signifies a person to attain a high position in the society by being unattractive. Among the nine planets, the Sun has been given the position of king.
  • Navamsa and Dasamashan Kundali
    The decision is confirmed by looking at the birth chart of the horoscope in the Nawashan Kundali. There is no doubt of any kind, for this, the planetary effects of the birth chart are equal or in a more good form, this area gives long-term success. Dashmashan Kundali is seen for subtle study. Equal or good yoga among the three takes the person to the heights of politics.
  • Other Yoga
    a. The ascendant lion of a person is considered good for leadership. If Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Guru are in the house of money and Mars in the sixth house, Saturn in the eleventh house, Rahu in the twelfth house and Ketu in the sixth house, then such a person inherits politics. This yoga keeps a person in government for a long time. During which he gets popularity and splendor.
    b. In the horoscope of Cancer Ascendant, Mars is in the second house, Saturn in the Lagna, Rahu in the sixth house, and Sun-Mercury is in the fifth or eleventh house along with the sight of the Ascendant.
    c. In the horoscope of the Vritti Lagna, Lord of the Ascendant is visible to the Lord in the twelfth, Saturn is in the benefic house, Rahu-Chandra is in the fourth house, Venus in the seventh house of Venus is visible in the Ascendant and the Sun is inauspicious place with the lord of the eleventh house and At the same time, if the Guru has visions on the tenth and other houses, then the person becomes a sharp and fast leader.

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