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Health Astrology Services in Chandigarh

A lot has been written in astrology about medical astrology. Some rules are also given in the Puranas. According to Vishnu Veda-Purana, the rules given while eating, tell us that while eating, one should keep one’s face in the east or north direction and this is because it keeps the digestion process favorable.

According to astrology, all planets represent some part of the body. As a result of these planets, we get fruits and health can be known. When any planet is afflicted, it makes a relationship with the Lagna, Lagna, shastham bhava or eighth house. So organ diseases related to the planet can be affected.

Each planet definitely affects one or more of the body or shows the related disease. Like the sun , heart, and stomach. Shows bile, right eye, wound, burn wound, fall, obstruction of blood flow, etc.

Moon signifies body fluid, blood left eye, chest, brain problem, irregularity of menstrual cycle, etc. in women. Mars – head, animal bite, accident, burn, wound, surgery, operation, high blood pressure, abortion, etc.

Mercury – throat, nose, ears, lungs, voice, nightmares. Guru – Liver fat, diabetes, Venus of ear, etc. – Irritation in urine, occult diseases, eyes, intestines, appendix, diabetes, stones in bladder, etc. Saturn signifies legs, claw nerves, lymphatic system, paralysis, sadness, fatigue, Rahu-bones, poisons, snakebite diseases, fear etc. and Ketu-stutter, difficulty in identifying, intestines, parasites, etc.

In the above-mentioned planets, the planet which is the lord of the sixth house or the relationship with the lord of the sixth house, in the condition of that planet, there are chances of getting sick. The relation of the lord of the sixth house with the Lagna bhava lagnesh or ashtamesh is not considered auspicious from the health side. When the lord of the sixth house is in the eleventh house, then the chances of getting more diseases increase. Similarly, if the lord of the sixth house is in the eighth house then the person is more likely to have long-term diseases.

Health Horoscope Services 2020 in Chandigarh

  • Aries Sign
    Head or brain factor. This zodiac sign affects the brain, spinal cord and the internal nerves of the body. If Mars is low or if evil planets are seen on it, then the native may have to face diseases related to this planet.
  • Taurus Sign
    This is the causative sign of the face and its owner is Venus. If it is affected, the person suffers from blisters, blisters or stuttering, difficulty speaking, etc.
  • Gemini Sign
    Mercury is the lord of Gemini sign, it is the factor of chest, chest, arms and breathing tube. If this planet is low in the horoscope or is suffering from other cruel planets, then the person may have diseases related to lungs such as TB, difficulty in breathing, gas and indigestion or muscle-related diseases.
  • Cancer Sign
    The lord of this zodiac is the moon. This zodiac sign is a factor of the mind and heart. If the moon is low in the horoscope or suffers, the person may have to face diseases like depression, mental stress, adverse effects on the skin and digestive system.
  • Leo Sign
    Sun is the lord of Leo zodiac. This zodiac sign is the factor of the womb and stomach, if this zodiac or its planet is affected, blood circulation power can be affected. Heart attack, heart disease, and eye disease can also be disturbed.
  • Virgo Sign
    Mercury is the lord of this sign and it is the factor of stomach and waist. If Mercury is infested with Mercury or otherwise, there may be a risk of stomach, digestive functions, liver-related diseases and latent diseases.
  • Libra Sign
    Venus is the lord of Libra. If it is afflicted or inferior, a person can affect genital and bladder related diseases. Women’s menstrual and pregnancy-related activities are also affected due to this.
  • Scorpio Sign
    Mars is the lord of Scorpio zodiac. This zodiac is a factor of the genitals, if afflicted or located in the lower back, anal, penis, genital, liver, neurological and intestinal diseases can be disturbed.
  • Sagittarius Sign
    The lord of Sagittarius is Jupiter. This zodiac is the factor of thighs and buttocks, the lowly and afflicted Guru keeps the native from liver, heart, intestine, thigh, hip, and hemorrhoids.
  • Capricorn Sign
    The lord of Capricorn is Saturn, this sign is the factor of knees. If Saturn is inferior or afflicted or if the zodiac is affected, the native may be surrounded by knees, thighs, digestive diseases. In addition, chronic diseases can cause problems.
  • Aquarius Sign
    The Lord of this zodiac is also Shani Dev. This zodiac is the factor of the calves, if Saturn is afflicted or inferior, and if this amount is afflicted, a person can disturb the diseases of the calves, high blood pressure, hernia.
  • Pisces Sign
    Jupiter is the lord of Pisces. This amount is considered a factor of the feet. If the owner of this zodiac is suffering, a person may have to suffer disease related to toes, levers or knees.

While analyzing the horoscope of any patient, first of all, the power of the planets of 3, 6 and 8 houses should be assessed. According to the horoscope, you can be successful in protecting the body from various types of diseases and getting rid of them. But at the same time while studying the diseases in the horoscope, studying these facts is also necessary to study the planets, nature, vision, their divine status or the ultimate lowliness, only then we can reach a decision.

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