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Energy Balance Astrology in Chandigarh

Vedic astrology is the study of the reaction of the universe on all living things. The planets emit a special type of energy while transiting. The planets balance our lives and the planets can be controlled by measures. Planets have a very big role in balancing our lives. They have the power to change the direction of all small and big events in our life. Each planet has a special effect or energy, and these energies affect our daily lives.

Navagrahas can be situated in an auspicious or inauspicious form in the horoscope. Measures are taken to improve the auspiciousness of the planets and to reduce the inauspiciousness of inauspicious planets. If the planets are balanced then we will be able to automatically balance, harmonize and manage our lives. How can we balance our life through astrological measures? Today in this article, we are going to tell you this-

  • Sun
    When you get the sun’s energy in a balanced way, you will feel confident and feel that you are unique. If you have a lot of solar power, you can become a high-level administrator, give orders to others and keep everyone under your control like a king. It also makes you very confident. The way to balance this is to show sympathy to the needy, renounce egoism and serve others.

    As far as possible try to help the weak people or animals, or listen to your friends by not listening to you. Conversely, if the Sun is not well established in the horoscope, the auspicious effects of the Sun planet are not being received as energy, then you will feel insecure. You will feel the lack of inner strength. You can come out of this situation by exercising, staying in the morning sun. Try something that makes you feel strong, Such as martial arts or do Surya Namaskar every morning to confirm yourself. This will increase your confidence and you will be able to achieve your goals easily.
  • Chandra
    The maternal energy that feeds the Moon. It is associated with the mind, which can be good or bad depending on what you use. If your moon is healthy (well-placed) in your horoscope, it will give you a friendly and kind nature. When it is out of balance, you may become very emotional and inactive, or in severe cases you may have mental illness. Learn to work with your feelings and take them in a positive direction. This can be done through devotional practices, creative projects, practicing acceptance and learning to live in the moment.
  • Mars
    Mars represents our inner energy, enthusiasm, passion and passion. If it is an inauspicious position in the horoscope then it becomes our inspiration and power to take initiative. If it is out of balance, we can become aggressive and impulsive. Mars circulates its energy creatively and makes us self-controlled, for this, Mars has to be balanced through measures. Since Mars is a very physical planet, in order to balance it, a person has to do physical actions, do something, and is a great way to use the creative power of this planet. To maintain this energy, you can do the maintenance work of your house yourself.
  • Mercury
    Mars is the planet of physical energy, and on the contrary, Mercury is the causative planet of mental energy. It is our intelligence, how we communicate, Mercury tells it. When we use Mercury in a constructive way, we are able to discriminate between truth and falsehood. We can learn intellectual subjects soon. Mercury is the causal planet of intelligence, but it is worth noting here that the energy of intellect can also be destructive. This happens when Mercury is not well established in the horoscope, then instead of accepting the truth, we can be confused by being influenced by the opinion of others. In such a situation, we are also ready to manipulate others to get what we want.

    By sticking firmly to the truth and doing what is right there, we can improve our Mercury. Give importance to the opinion of others, but also take your good and bad thoughts. If we cooperate as much as possible, we can strengthen our Mercury. We can give auspiciousness to our Mercury by keeping the speech Satvik, pure.
  • Jupiter
    Jupiter is the most spiritual planet. It is a symbol of religion and self-power. Mercury is our intelligence, and Jupiter is our higher intelligence, that is, Vivek Shakti. Our soul has knowledge. It is the energy of the planet Jupiter that makes us feel happy in all religious matters in life. If we take our level of consciousness to a higher level, then the energy of Jupiter can give us self-satisfaction by taking us above materialistic objects. Otherwise, we can get trapped in the pleasures of our life and forget to explore the consciousness power of life. For this, meditation has to be done to awaken the self-consciousness. This is not possible in a day. Guru planet gives us real pleasure. Protects us from meaningless subjects.
  • Venus
    Venus is a materialistic planet. It gives pleasure to it in enjoyment and luxury matters. Venus touches our hearts. Doing work that will make our heart happy comes under the domain of Venus. Our laughter, happiness and easy happiness are all related to the planet Venus. When we cleanse our hearts, it becomes blissful. We can balance this with our actions. You can experience bliss by being interested in entertainment. With this the planet Venus can be balanced.

    Many times it is like a sweet for us, which gives us sweetness, but on overdose also causes diabetes. Therefore, it should be used carefully. In fact, Venus is a high level of divine love, love for oneself. The love that holds all the universe. By expanding your heart, remember that the only means of attaining God is love. In this way, this energy of Venus will help to accept love and rise above materialism, and Venus will be strong and balanced.
  • Saturn planet
    Shani teaches us the way to renounce worldly deeds and convince us that only and only God is real. All other days have to expire. It teaches us self-control and inner strength. Saturn is the least popular of all the planets, although it is a spiritual planet similar to Jupiter. But still Saturn can take away everything from the common man according to his nature. I can do it completely alone. The feeling of detachment is the key to being with Saturn.

    If you want to join Saturn, then get away from everyone else. It gives isolation. Only by being the farthest can we connect with God, we can be free from this life. Saturn is balanced by respecting, respecting and supporting the servants, subordinates and their employees.
  • Rahu and Ketu
    Rahu and Ketu are the most mysterious planets. Rahu / Ketu also works to control the special events of life due to being a slow-motion planet. In order to control Rahu, one should follow the Sadar Marg by keeping a distance from immoral works, and to improve Ketu, one should take an interest in the spiritual path, research, etc. Due to this, both these planets get balanced and give auspicious results.

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