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Career Astrology in Chandigarh

Choosing the right profession has always been important. But today the development in new technology and technological fields and the increasing competition with the changing economic scenario have made it even more indispensable. With the advent of new technologies, the world market has come up in a new form, which is creating opportunities to earn money through a knowledge-based industry across the globe.

Industries today are exposing new business plans in the form of the luxury industry, computer industry, real estate industry, financial industry, automobile industry, and research and development industry. The direct impact of this form of changing industries can be seen in the lifestyle and financial condition of the individual.

Globalization and world trade policies today have limited the powers of political administrators. The powers of industrialists are increasing with time. Governments also use them as guiding indicators when deciding their economic policies.

On the one hand, the government wants to keep the old investors in the investment market and on the other hand, through these policies, it also works to improve the lifestyle of the people by motivating new investments. This boosts the market situation and motivates people to purchase goods.

To meet the challenges of competition and the new economic order, it is important that individuals use their memory power, analytical skills, creative power, imagination and leadership qualities while using strong planets while minimizing the effects of weak and unfavorable planets. In this situation, he should make full use of his talent, skills, and abilities.

A qualified astrologer will use his knowledge to guide the parents of the first steps in the field of career, to give measures to strengthen the weak planets, and to get the full results of the strong planets.

Use of Astrology in Educational Possibilities

Life is moving, life events change so fast that you don’t get time to experiment and improve in life too many times. Each moment of life is valuable. In such a situation, it can be considered wise to take advantage of the divine science of astrology. There are certain sources of success in any professional life Such as – organizing ability, imagination, teamwork, ability to develop and trust others, vigilance, good health and initiative ability, positive personality, etc.

It is very difficult to predict the possibilities of the fields of education from the horoscope and it is worth noting that the questions related to this field are most common. This has become even more difficult with the introduction of several new branches of knowledge, academic and vocational courses. In this situation, it is very difficult for the parents to choose the study area for their children. This decision becomes very important from the point of view of a successful career.

The major determinants of a vocational course and career horoscope depend on the position of the planets. The planetary position fully assists in the academic subject selection, vocational studies selection, and professional undertakings. This can be corrected by astrological remedial measures. The following formulas can help us in choosing the subjects of education-

The fourth house of the horoscope is the medium of education. The fifth sense is the sense of higher or professional education. The decisions taken regarding the fifth house have a direct effect on our tenth and eleventh house. The position of Dashmesh in the second house connects the person with professional education. Among the planets associated with professional education, Sun, Moon, Venus, Guru, and Mars have special importance. The position of these planets makes the person a high level of professionalism. Weak planets fail to produce good results, even if they are located in the center.

Career Horoscope in Chandigarh

A planet can symbolize different occupations. for example-

  • Sun
    Refers to the study of courses in administration, organization capacity, management capacity, politics, law, and medicine.
  • Moon
    Signifies the study of courses in care, housekeeping, administration, public relations, etc.
  • Mars
    Refers to the study of courses in engineering, construction, armed forces, initiative, and entrepreneurship.
  • Mercury
    Refers to the study of courses in creative writing, accounting, analytical studies, computer applications, information technology, application of a law, designing work of engineering, etc.
  • Jupiter
    Rrefers to the study of courses in law, teaching, financial management, human resource management, spirituality, etc.
  • Venus
    Refers to the study of courses in medicine, life-saving medicine, art and fashion, engineering, financial management, law, etc.
  • Saturn
    Refers to the study of courses in production, low technology industries, engineering, labor / industrial and welfare law, etc.

While studying career through horoscope, we have to identify the planet which is affecting the education sector the most, be the most influential. The position in the horoscope of fame, income, and appreciation found in the career field is the result of the nature, position, force, and yoga of the planets.

The combination of Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury, Yuti or a group of these planets can lead to study courses related to financial institutions or financial affairs, legal advice, or law working agency and an advisory role in financial fields.

The combination of Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, etc. can be an indicator of the study of leading courses in the administrative/bureaucratic field.

The combination of Venus, Saturn, Mercury, and Mars may indicate studies in engineering.

Bali Mercury or the lord of the third house or the lord of the fifth house makes a person worthy of research-based study.

When the planets/factors are weak or the condition/main period of weak planets is going on, then after completing studies, the person goes for a regular job, clerical or mechanical, sales representative/assistant, etc. or does the only handwork. is.

For doing business, the role of Venus and Mercury is of special importance. Because all these planets give the person the ability to plan, trade and organize.

With the auspicious effects of Royal planets (Sun and Moon) and Mars and Jupiter, a person can make a career in politics. Rahu speeds up efforts in the field of politics. Ketu gives a different direction to life by dissolving from society.

It is worth noting here that apart from the importance of Shiksha Bhava, Mercury and Jupiter, the planets that influence these can also become determinants of educational achievements.

The lord of the second house lord and the lord of the fifth house lord of higher education leads the person to higher or professional education.

If the condition of weak planets comes between the age of 16 and 24, then the person has difficulty in making his career.

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